Building the character, nature and attitude of children is the duty of parents and families at home. Teaching good habits is something that is beneficial for children’s lives in the future, one of which is the habit of saving. Therefore, you must train your child to save from an early age.

Children who are accustomed to saving from an early age have the ability to manage finances when they grow up. it can also prevent children from being extravagant and choosing to live frugally. That way, children will be wiser to organize and make decisions when managing money.

Children may not know how to manage money well, so they are either extravagant or want to buy everything they want without a second thought. Therefore, the role of parents is needed to control their children’s desires, and teach children to live frugally and save. To make it easier to introduce saving activities to children, here are 10 tips to teach children to save, including:

1. Introducing Money

Children may not be very familiar with money, they know that if they want to buy something they have to exchange it for money. When the child is good at counting, you can introduce money starting from the nominal, the size, the value of money and the function of the money itself in a simple way. This is the first step to teach children to save. If children already know the function of money well, they will find it easier to manage finances.


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